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Looking for a tool to streamline accounting for your business? Tax time is over for now, but your monthly expenses continues. Your daily financial practices have a lot to say for the success of your business. Freshbooks monthly expenses organizer is a tool that allows you to streamline your expenses, organize your personal finances, automate teamwork and organize your budget.

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Review of Freshbooks monthly expenses organize

In my previous Freshbooks accounting review I wrote about the Freshbooks monthly planner and Freshbooks Easy invoice Manager. In this post I will take another look at Freshbooks to answer some questions I received after my previous review. Maybe you are sitting with the same questions? So I hope this review will serve you well. My aim with this post is to get you 100% ready for the next tax season.

Facts about Freshbooks

Owner: Mike Dermont

Founded: 2002


Freshbooks cloud Accounting: Free trial 30 days.

Product 1: Lite :5 billable clients $15 monthly

Product 2: Plus: 50 billable clients $25 monthly

Product 3: Premium: 500 billable clients $50 monthly

Product 4: Select: 500+ billable clients – Custom pricing

Organizing Features: Invoicing, Expenses, Estimates and proposals, Time tracking, Projects, Payments, Accounting and reports, Clients, Add ons, Mobile,

Special offer for first time users:

50 % off if you skip the free trial period

Watch the video

Does Freshbooks have everything you need to stay organized all year round?

Yes, Freshbooks have all you need to stay organized and ready for tax season. It is easy to organize wherever you are because Freshbooks is cloud based and as long as you have access to internet you can connect to the cloud anytime you want and wherever you may be. You have your own Freshbooks cloud office.


Will it takes a long time to create and send a good invoice?

No, It only takes around 30 seconds to create and send amazing polished invoices. Watch the videos below to find out how easy it is. Learning to use Freshbooks will help you create invoices and get paid. It will save you time and money once you learn how to use it.

Is Timetracking possible with Freshbooks?

Yes, you can use the Freshbooks time tracker. It is a smart and easy feature. Go to your Freshbooks login page and log in. Click on the Time tracking and start logging your hours or take the time when you work. The smart thing about the time tracker is that you can connect a whole team to a project or client and track the team time. It will save you lot of time because you can automatically bill your client. It is synced with your other devices so you will always be updated in real time.

Read more here

Can I use my mobile with Freshbooks?

Oh yes! With your mobile it is very easy to get paid in a snap. You can scan receipts, track your distance if traveling and respond to your customers straight away via the mobile app. It is very practical and convenient for you and the client. You will have full control over who viewed their invoices and when the invoices are not paid in time.


Will Freshbooks allow me to accept credit cards directly?

Yes, You can accept credit cards directly with your mobile and you can save the info on the clients profile.


How is Freshbooks versus Quickbooks?

Read the comparison in my review Freshbooks monthly planner


How long does it take to convert unpaid invoices to paid invoices?

Video send invoices and dig into helpful reports.

According to Freshbooks unpaid invoices will be paid in half the time as other invoices because it is easy to use the app and to pay for the customers. You can make super invoices that looks amazing and more inviting for people to pay.

Is freshbooks only for online businesses?

Freshbooks are designed for online businesses. As long as you have access to your computer, you can login to your Freshbooks dashboard. If you want to work offline there are integrations you can do via Zapier and Facebook offline conversion.


What does the customers think?

I have looked at reviews on G2 and Trustpilot. G2 provides you with 584 reviews from Freshbooks customers and Trustpilot with 290 customer reviews.

Freshbooks are on top 50 of financial products at G2. They have a 76% score on user contentment which is really high.

1. Danielle Here is a video review from a customer that might be helpful to you.

2. Brandon: Customer review

66% on Trustpilot think Freshbooks is excellent

Pro:Easy to use, useful and helpful, automates teamwork, better customer dealing, quick invoicing, increased consumer engagement, good integrations via Zapier and Facebook offline conversion

Improvements: Processing time, credit card fees, more flexibility

Overall the customers seems really satisfied with Freshbooks. Freshbooks support are very responding and reply to their customers and seems to find solutions for customers who have special needs in their business. However, there will always be a few things that cannot be solved due to technical limitations. There are no financial products that can solve everything.

Should you use Freshbooks?

Why not? Freshbooks is easy to use, will save you lot of time, have awesome possibilities for integrations via zapier and will increase your conversion on payments, great support and happy customers. I see no reason why you should not. You can start for free or you can jump right into it and get 50% off.However it is your call to decide if you should use it. I only provide you with helpful information to help you make the right decision for you. Freshbooks is an awesome tool in your Daily practice for success.
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  1. Freshbooks Seems like a supreme financial tool to have.  Similar to quick books. It will keep all your earnings and expenditures organized and keep you in check with your spending. The pricing looks a little bit less than you have to invest with quick books . I find this very uplifting.  You also get a lot of features that are unlimited in buying options. Thank you for the highlight on this article. I would really like to give the free trial a go. 

    1. Author

      Hi Karen! I am glad you will give Freshbooks a try. It is easier to use than quickbooks. And as you noticed it is very affordable too. I would really like to know what you think of it after you have tried it out. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  2.  I love Freshbooks tracking capability the most. It keeps me update about the amount of time spent in particular project’s planning and its execution. Through this tool we are also carrying out the planning for further enhancement of your product in terms of project management. We love its  web based application system that provide us file storage capacity so  that each of the team member has data access.

    1. Author

      Hi Lucas! Thank you so much for your invaluable insights to Freshbooks. Yes the timetrcking is a valuable feature that save a lot of time. It is great to hear that it works well in terms on project management.

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